Popular Types Of Money Making Websites


If you look at many of the most popular blogs and websites that provide advice to newcomers to making money online you will see that most recommend the same ways to do so. Whilst recommendations have changed over the years or at least some advice has changed to adapt to changes in the internet landscape some methods have largely stood the test of time.

Perhaps the most recommended way to do so in the past few years has been through affiliate niche sites. These are usually monetized through Google AdSense and the Amazon affiliate program. A niche site is typically quite small consisting of a converting/money page that will target keywords such as “best product X” or “product X reviews” as well as individual review pages and some supporting pages about that niche. In the past these types of sites have been typically only a few pages however there has been a push in recent years to increase the number of supporting pages to convert a “thin” affiliate site into something more authoritative. This trend has been occurring due to Google placing more importance on authoritative websites in its search results. The Amazon affiliate program is often used due to the trust it has amongst consumers as well as down to the fact it sells pretty much everything you can think of.

The success of this type of website will come down mostly to keyword research. Keyword research is key when picking the right niche and products to write about. Pick a niche with too much competition and your site will never climb the rankings and is destined to little traffic and even smaller returns. Pick a niche that might be low competition but doesn’t have any traffic and you will see your site go the same way. The key is to find a niche that has low competition whilst still having the ability to create enough traffic and commissions.

This method has proven to be a very reliable way of making money when done correctly and there an almost infinite number of niches that you can target. Whilst these sites can be typically thin and we would recommend to add more value adding content these types of sites are not going away anytime soon. We would recommend trying to think of more “buying type” keywords other than “reviews” and “best” which can sometimes become a bit saturated. Oftentimes buying keywords such as offering coupon codes or discount codes can be quite profitable as well as giving a lot of value to your visitors. For an example of a discount code page, The Fitness Recipes has a page giving Gymshark discount codes and coupons.

In recent times with the explosion in popularity of Amazon FBA these niche sites have been repurposed to support an internet marketers FBA product. This is done quite simply by recommending their own product which gives the ability of driving more traffic and sales and of course larger profits than just a few small percentage points offered through Amazon’s affiliate system. If you would like more information on how Amazon FBA works go to Amazon.com.

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Ways to Make Money from Your Website

There are various ways you can make money from your very own website. This is one of the most popular reasons more and more people strive to start businesses and engage in numerous other ways to earn money with just the aid of your trusted computer, stable internet connection, and a whole lot of patience combined with dedication.

And who wouldn’t want to generate extra income online? It isn’t very stressful, most of the means you can try to earn cash via website doesn’t really require continuous, every minute monitoring.

Probably one of the most used techniques to earn money from a website is through the advertising or ads.  Allowing ads to be placed on your site is a great way of gaining cash.

There are several ways you can earn from ads placed on your site, some of which are Pay per Click or Cost per Click ads. Having Pay per click ad, as the name implies, means that you will get paid for every time the ad on your page was clicked. Another way you can earn from allowing ads in your site is by Cost per Mille ads. Cost per Mille ads, unlike Pay per Click, will let you earn money even if no one clicks on the ads. However, Cost per Mille ads have much stricter requirements that Pay per Click ads. The former usually requires a minimum traffic for the site to be eligible. Most companies commonly require as much as 100,000 impressions within a month. Another type of earning from placing ads in your site is the Fixed Price ads. Fixed price basically means you’re making the ad places in your site open for rental for different advertisers. Typically, the costs of Fixed Price advertising rely on the traffic on your website. One of the downsides of Fixed Price ads is that you don’t get the chance to have your revenues increased whenever your website receives a lot of traffic since the price was already predetermined.

Creating a job board on your website can also help you get additional income. However, this method can be highly competitive, and if the companies that have posted the job on your site constantly don’t receive any applicants from the job post placed on your site, chances are, they won’t be posting jobs on your board anymore.

Offering premium content or exclusive membership to your site is also an excellent way of monetising your website. For an example, you show something that would spark the interest of site visitors on your site and offer a more in depth discussion of that something that may only be available once they have signed up for membership or premium content.

Email marketing is also a well known means of obtaining money from your website. If you have a large emailing list, you can get added income from promoting other commercial items or services.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, you can earn money from selling your own website. Selling your website can give you a huge sum of cash in a short time period.

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Types of Websites That Earn More

Websites, in general, heavily rely on the amount of traffic they get in order to accumulate and earn funds. The higher the amount of traffic you get on your site will also help you gain more cash, especially if the main source of funds for your site is received from ads or affiliated marketing.

In choosing which kind of website you’ll create for your own business, it’s always better to build a site with content or topic you’re knowledgeable in, or at least have a strong interest in so you can supply relative, useful content. Building a website you have a particular interest in will also keep you motivated in maintaining it for months, and even years.

But, if you’re planning to build a website with the mere aim of making money, there are some specific kinds or websites that can help you earn more, much faster.

Auction websites or sites that are for selling and purchasing items are great if you intend to earn an extra income from advertising some other products on the site. You can also get additional funds from the commission you would obtain for each sale made.

Websites offering free, printable discount coupons are also one of the most visited sites today, and you can gain funds from promoting affiliated products. Social coupon websites are usually a hit with visitors as more and more people are looking for ways to save money these days.

Along with sites offering coupons are sites offering free products. Free product websites offer potential customers the chance to try their products free of charge, and, if the customer was satisfied with the free trial, chances are they will go and pay for the product next time. You can earn commissions for the customers you bring to the brand.

Dating websites are also one of the most accessed websites at present. You can earn from ads posted on your dating site, or even offer some premium services to all users to add to your possible source of income such as the ability to upload or view more information about other users registered on the website. There can be thousands of competitions for this, but you can garner more users by making your site more aesthetically attractive, using more beautiful designs.

Paid membership sites can help you earn more cash, too. These sites will require the visitors to pay a membership fee in order to access exclusive information. These can be informative or educational sites, or even tutorial sites. An example of this would be a site for an extensive tutorial on using Photoshop, completely teaching users everything they need to know about the use of the said program.

Online web tool sites are in demand among visitors looking for online picture or video editor, grammar or spell checker, online file converters, etc. This type of website can be really useful and hassle free that’s why some users prefer visiting it instead of installing computer programs that can give them the same function. You can earn by placing advertisements on this website type.

Of course there are many other website types than can help you rake in more money, as a matter of fact, you can earn from any type of website; you just have to exert extra efforts in managing your site.


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Making Money Online Ad Free By Blogging

Many people who want to earn money online turn to one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money on the internet– through ads.

However, there are others who would not want to earn money via ads. As a matter of fact, there are even website owners or bloggers who strictly make sure their websites are free from ads.

There are many reasons bloggers and site owners prefer to go ad free on their sites. Some simply want to give the site visitors or blog readers and followers a better experience while navigating their pages. Others regard random ads as annoying and strongly believe that these ads only drive their would-be-loyal site visitors away to their competitors. In relation to this, site owners who are against putting ads in their site also believe that random ads that annoy readers only impact their site’s reputation in a negative way, and that the reputation of their site (and the site owners themselves) is far more important than the money ads can bring.

There are various ways one can make money online without the use of ads; one of them is blogging.

Of course, being able to write interesting, captivating blogs perfectly doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll earn tons of cash in a short span of time. It can be challenging to make money via blogging, because aside from choosing a topic that you’re good at, that’s interesting, and that will get you readers that would constantly want to read what you have to write, there are thousands of other great bloggers out there you’re competing with – others who could’ve already written about what you intend to write about. So, you have to be patient if you want to earn money through blog writing.

One of the most effective ways you can generate cash by writing online is by creating an e-book. If you’re expertly knowledgeable about something, you can create an e-book and sell the copyrights to publishers. Alternatively, you can sell your e-book on your own blog site or even sell it on other platforms.

Also, if your existing blog site mainly focuses on a specific topic you’re specialising in, you can compile all the relevant entries from your blog site and create an e-book from them.

If you’re a great, versatile writer, you can also contact more popular blog sites and apply as a blog writer. There are some blog sites that actually hire other writers to create content for them. You can even use your own blog site as a means of marketing yourself. Show potential recruiters how impressive your writings are by uploading some on your own site.

Another way to earn money by blogging is to write reviews for movies, products, or even numerous services online. There are many sites offering paid reviews.

There’s nothing wrong with maintaining your stand in wanting to keep your blog site or website ad free and still want to earn money. With adequate determination, you’ll be earning steady cash in no time through blog writing.

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Becoming a Successful Web Designer

Becoming successful in the world of web designing, just like being successful in any other field, requires time, effort, and dedication; moreover, achieving success does not happen overnight.

Although being a successful web designer isn’t something that would be magically attainable, there are still useful practices you can start sticking to if you have aspirations to be one successful web designer.

You have to learn how to market your web designing skills. No matter how exceptionally good you are at web designing, the world will never know if you have no idea how to sell your skills. There are so many ways you can market your skills, from social networking sites to business cards – don’t hesitate to get creative in marketing your skills so you can get more clients.

Being able to update your portfolio regularly is also crucial for every web designer, and it would also be a great deal of help when you sell your work. Maintaining an up to date portfolio will also let your potential clients know what you can do, and how versatile you are with your designs, and your imagination.

Mastering your communication skills would go a long way in achieving short term and long term goals in web designing. You have to learn how to communicate well in order to comprehend what your client exactly wants the first time they described it to you.

Never stop trying to learn new things about your craft. Once you get into the field of web design, you’ll surely know that there would constantly be new developments and new technologies. Being updated on the trends in web designing won’t only broaden your knowledge and expertise; it can also help you gather more clients.

In relation to knowing the latest in the web design, you should also have an idea how your colleagues will work around the design you’ve created. Be familiar with how the whole site would work once completed, you would also establish good working relationships with your co-workers.

Do your research. Before designing a site for a client, get to know the nature of business of your client, as well as how the competitors are doing. Clarify with your client what they expect from the design.

Ensure that you get impartial feedback regarding your work. Don’t be upset or discouraged if you commit mistakes or receive negative feedback regarding your designs. Instead, use these as stepping stones into improving your designs for the future.

Gain as much experience as you can. The more web sites you get to design, the more in depth your knowledge will be, the more items you would have in your portfolio, the more diverse styles and designs you’ll get an experience in – and the more clients you will potentially acquire. Just as with any other profession, experience is an essential factor in attaining success in web designing, so make sure to get as much as you can.

Achieving success in web designing is something that every web designer can accomplish through the right attitude and discipline.

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