Popular Types Of Money Making Websites


If you look at many of the most popular blogs and websites that provide advice to newcomers to making money online you will see that most recommend the same ways to do so. Whilst recommendations have changed over the years or at least some advice has changed to adapt to changes in the internet landscape some methods have largely stood the test of time.

Perhaps the most recommended way to do so in the past few years has been through affiliate niche sites. These are usually monetized through Google AdSense and the Amazon affiliate program. A niche site is typically quite small consisting of a converting/money page that will target keywords such as “best product X” or “product X reviews” as well as individual review pages and some supporting pages about that niche. In the past these types of sites have been typically only a few pages however there has been a push in recent years to increase the number of supporting pages to convert a “thin” affiliate site into something more authoritative. This trend has been occurring due to Google placing more importance on authoritative websites in its search results. The Amazon affiliate program is often used due to the trust it has amongst consumers as well as down to the fact it sells pretty much everything you can think of.

The success of this type of website will come down mostly to keyword research. Keyword research is key when picking the right niche and products to write about. Pick a niche with too much competition and your site will never climb the rankings and is destined to little traffic and even smaller returns. Pick a niche that might be low competition but doesn’t have any traffic and you will see your site go the same way. The key is to find a niche that has low competition whilst still having the ability to create enough traffic and commissions.

This method has proven to be a very reliable way of making money when done correctly and there an almost infinite number of niches that you can target. Whilst these sites can be typically thin and we would recommend to add more value adding content these types of sites are not going away anytime soon. We would recommend trying to think of more “buying type” keywords other than “reviews” and “best” which can sometimes become a bit saturated. Oftentimes buying keywords such as offering coupon codes or discount codes can be quite profitable as well as giving a lot of value to your visitors. For an example of a discount code page, The Fitness Recipes has a page giving Gymshark discount codes and coupons.

In recent times with the explosion in popularity of Amazon FBA these niche sites have been repurposed to support an internet marketers FBA product. This is done quite simply by recommending their own product which gives the ability of driving more traffic and sales and of course larger profits than just a few small percentage points offered through Amazon’s affiliate system. If you would like more information on how Amazon FBA works go to Amazon.com.

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